Pictures really are worth a thousand words (and dollars). Really good pictures are worth much more but compelling images are priceless.

All things being equal, it's the photography that makes or breaks a fundraising effort.



Still images are iconic and thought provoking, they also leave a lasting impression... Video on the other hand really tells a story and holds the viewers attention. Video makes it easy to make a statement or explain a subtle point.

I provide non-profits with discovery channel quality documentaries of their international efforts.

Website Design


An international first impression. Professional websites created for the non-profit foundations to use in their fundraising efforts. Integrated community builder components, ecommerce component, and other functionality make the sites a true portal into the non-profit and fundraising tool.
Eyes of Man - Humanitarian Photography and Web Support for non-profits
Eyes of Man - Photo, Video and Website Support for Humanitarian and Animal Non-Profits at NO or LOW cost

My name is Kevin Whitcomb. I'm a commercial photographer living in Florida and I travel a lot... The one thing I've learned from seeing hundreds of different places, is that it's the people that define a land. It isn't the mountains, oceans, deserts or forests that make a place, it's the person you're making eye contact with. Some of these people are less fortunate than others and need help.  Fortunately there are groups and foundations of dedicated volunteers to help these people and that's where I come in. I provide professional photo, video and web support to these organizations.

I typically don't charge anything for my services and also have to cover all my cost including airfare. The money to do this work comes from my commercial photography business and donations from people like you.

I've been kidnapped, beaten, forced to pay bribes, and seen and had to endure unpleasant things. So why do I do it? The simple reason is, because I can. I love working with non-profits and traveling with them to distant places. I love that, when I put my camera down, I'm able to help with outreach projects not requiring medical knowledge. I'm lucky to be able to do this...  Learn more...

 Upcoming Missions


macedoniaI'm working with a new charity (new to me anyway) called International Childrens Heart Foundation. They do a tremendous amount of good work across the globe and lots of it. They have about 20 missions planned just through june of 2013 and I hope to be a part of as many as I can.

This is definetly a charity worthy of...



Learn More...



I'm going to need some financial help with this one!

"Mission to Heal", a humanitarian non profit has made plans and promises to the several tribes and hospital stations who have pledged to collaborate in a South Sudan Mission Hospital network to return for further training and supplies following by container if they can maintain peace within their jurisdiction.  The peace promises exacted from the Murle in PiBor and the Dinka Bor at Bor and Werkok are echoed among Nuer and Dinka  in Duk Payuel and Old Fangak along he Upper Nile.
The mission series that has run through each of these centers in the last several years has been modified because of AIMAir's plans for a Christmas break that extends into January.  As a consequence, plans have been made to go earlier to a series of surgical Missions in January in the Philippines and will arrive in Nairobi from the westward connections to assemble a team of up to ten to carry with me via Loki into South Sudan.  The anticipated start up dates are February 5--6 arrival in Nairobi and then the startup into South Sudan, Feb. 7  perhaps beginning at Old Fangak and moving after a period of four days to Werkok, either through Duk Payuel or directly.  There will be a side trip to PiBor to help them institute a new hospital which is starting construction..  Learn More...



 Latest News


Karen Children at the clinicNothing about this mission was easy, but none the less, it was completed with success and great enthusiasm by everyone involved. Thirty Seven volunteer medics from the Karen tribe were trained by the Team Rubicon group. Advanced life saving skills were taught as well as common surgical procedures such as placing chest tubes. 

In addition to the training, clinical rounds were done by the TR medics along with an embedded surgeon. A five day old baby was saved from possible death by the team within minutes of arriving at the first refugee camp.

Team Rubicon is a non profit with the goal of being the first of the first in responding to natural disasters, the tip of the relief sword as it were. They also have it as their mission to go to the places no-one else wants to go due to personal danger or harsh environment. It's a group founded by a few former Marines like me... 


Learn More...



Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip to Ghana with CardioStart International due to a lack of funding. The mission itself went as planned Learn more...


Note!!! So far the photos from the trip have generated 500.00 to be used toward cardiac surgery for a little girl.
I head back to the US tonight after a very successful trip. I've photographed at a cancer hospital in support of HSCV foundation, visited an orphanage of severely handicapped children and photographed patients and facilities at 3 hospitals here in Ha Noi. I also shot prospective patients and videotape their lives. Below are some photos from the orphanage... For a web gallery of all the photos from the trip click here. Learn More.


Arequipa was the base for the latest mission to Peru performed by CardioStart. Outreach missions were conducted in the village of La Joya and a 3 day clinic in remote Colca Canyon. Learn More...

Abuelita Maria - La Joya, Peru Maria and cui Boy after cardiac surgery - Lima, Peru Cardiac Surgery - Lima, Peru Baby Kevin at birth - La Joya, Peru


The trip to Serbia in support of CardioStart International and Her Royal Highness Princess Kathrine of Serbia was completed successfully. The medical centers of the country were toured both north and south and a promising location was found for a cardiac center in the town of Nic. Many orphanages were visited and time was spent consulting with Princess Katherine and Prince Alexander. A followup mission is planned for early 2009.

I was able to capture some really great shots of hospitalized kids and refugees from Kosovo. The land in Serbia is stunning, reminding me of Maryland, lots of rolling hills. The people were warm and inviting, surprising given the political climate  Learn more...

Refugee Girl -Kosovo Boy in Incubator - Beograd, Serbia father and daughter in clinic mother and son with hydrocephalus at clinic - Beograd, Serbia mother and father with baby after heart surgery


Orphan Photo Program

imageIf you've never seen the documentary "born into brothels" you should. It follows the story of a photographer working with the children of prostitutes in India. I try to do the same thing when I can but on a smaller scale. I pick one or 2 kids at an orphanage and teach them basic photo skills. I leave a camera at the orphanage so they can teach other kids. It gives them a sense of pride.
Please consider donating an old used point and shoot digital camera. I'll take a picture of the kids using it and send it to you.

Autographed Prints

imageComing soon... Purchase signed, fine art, black and white prints. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of these prints go toward mission funding. Prints are archival quality and available in either 5X5 or 10X10. 5X5 prints are $25.00 and 10X10 prints are $45.00.

Donate Air Miles

imageAirfare is my greatest expense. Most of my trips supporting non-profits are self-funded and the airfare alone can cost over a thousand dollars. I've had to turn down requests for support because I couldn't afford to go. However, Delta and many other airlines allow you to easily transfer your frequent flyer miles which addresses this issue. Please help these causes and children by making sure my camera can be there.

Sponsor A Mission

image If there's a mission I have that you have a direct connection with, please consider sponsoring it. The cost of airfare, lodging and food for 1 or 2 weeks is expensive. The more my expenses are covered the more work I can do. By supporting me, you're directly helping another human being.
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