Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation

The relationship between your clients and you is one of the most important aspects of conducting a successful business, and, like any other relationship, it requires attention and appreciation. Since the holiday season is coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your customers that you care about them by giving them thoughtfully prepared gifts. The gifts that you choose don’t have to be the most expensive ones, but kind, personalized and surprising. Here are some ideas for business clients’ gifts to get you started.
Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation


Personally Written Notes

If you know your clients well enough, why not write them a Christmas letter? It’s a simple gift, but as personal as it can get, and you can really show your appreciation. All you will need are nice pieces of paper, a fountain pen, envelopes and ribbons for decoration.  You can even make your own envelope by simply following several steps of a DIY project. However, preparing personal letters for each client can be time-consuming, so make sure to start on time.

Bonsai Trees

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers that will wither in a week, you can go for something different and unusual. A bonsai tree is a much better choice than a cactus if you decide to bring the nature into your clients’ lives. They can have their own little trees on their desks to remind them of you every time they water them. In addition, you can opt for interesting and creative posts that will be a beautiful decoration along with bonsai trees.

Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation


Baskets of Coffee and Tea

People can be divided into two groups – those who like coffee and those who like tea. Preparing gift baskets containing different flavors of coffee and tea will please any beverage aficionado, especially during the winter months that are approaching fast. Your clients can enjoy a cup of their favorite hot beverage sitting wrapped in a blanket. You can include a box of chocolate chip cookies or a Christmas note to go with the baskets.

Personalized Decanters for Wine or Whisky

The holiday season is also the season of festivity and most of us like celebrating it with a glass of our favorite liquor. Giving your clients personalized whiskey or wine decanters will impress them and, once again, the personalisation of the gift will show you care about them. This gift might be a bit more expensive, but you might get a discount depending on the size of your order. However, you won’t regret spending a dime, since your clients will be grateful which will improve your business relationship.

Baskets of Sweets

You can surprise your customers and their families by giving them a basket of sweet treats. If you include personalized Christmas chocolates of different tastes in the baskets, all those who have a sweet tooth will be delighted. There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious treat after having a Christmas dinner with your friends and family. Even those who are on a diet won’t be able to resist trying one of these chocolate delicacies.

Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation


Wall Calendars

Although we all have calendars on our phones and computers, buying wall calendars for your clients can be both practical and thoughtful. You can design a unique calendar for each of your customers by including personalized notes for their birthdays (you probably have that information included in their personal data). They can keep calendars in their homes, or offices, and use them as reminders for important dates. Such calendars will remind them of you and they’ll appreciate the fact that you know when their birthdays are.
Don’t wait any longer, get down to business and prepare thoughtfully, personalized gifts for you customers. However, whatever you decide to give them will be a demonstration of appreciation, it will strengthen your business relationship and contribute to further successful collaboration.



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