Make Money Blogging – Exploring Monetary Avenues for Your Blog

Every blogger has heard it. “Make Money Blogging”
The simple search for this phrase on Google brings up 94,600,000* results.  That means there are over 94 million pages talking about how to make money blogging.  That is a lot. Let me put this in perspective.
Make Money Blogging
 Blogging has Become a Profession Sites like Mashable and Perez Hilton use blogging (adding written content
to a blog) to make lots of money each year.  Bloggers are now taken serious on mainstream media like TV, magazines, and radio.  Bloggers are not considered just wanna be writers anymore.  Or worse, scam artists.
Blogging has become a legitimate profession.
Since it is considered a profession, I wanted to compare blogging to other professions.  What do you do when you want to “be” something?  You research how to become that profession, right?
So I looked up “become a blogger“.  I got 520,000,000 results!!!  Yes, there are that many 0′s! That number is more than 1/2 billion!
I wondered then if I did the same type search for other popular professions would I get the same type of results.
Become a doctor” 428,000,000. Wow!  People still want to be doctors.
Become an engineer” 235,000,000 that is less than 1/2 of the results we get with becoming a blogger.
Become a dentist” 23,000,000
Become a nurse” 77,300,000
Become a real estate agent” 54,000,000
Become a computer systems engineer” 20,500,00. This
one shocked me the most. This is one of the most pursued careers around and the results are so small.  Maybe people already know how to achieve this goal. I could go on but I believe you get the idea.  Becoming
a blogger has become one of the most pursued professions around
There is so much information out there about how to become a blogger, one’s head could surely spin trying to figure out how it is done. Yet I believe it is pursued so heavily not because it is a prestigious, lucrative or glamorous profession but because people have been convinced it is an easy way to make money.

Blogging Is Not an Easy Way to Make Money

Blogging has a very low overhead, yes.  And it is extremely easy to break into.  But that is where most dreams stop.  People believe that if you build a blog, even an awesome one, that people will just come.  If you are
an awesome dentist will people just come to your office? No, a dentist needs to be great at his job, get the word to spread that he is great AND needs to advertise and market.
Bloggers, you need to do the same.  Be great at what you do, that means write amazing stuff.  Get people to spread the word, that means get out there and find people to read your blog and spread the word.  And you need to
advertise that you even exist, this can be done using SEO, social media, and advertising, just to name the most popular.
It is a very rare occasion that blogs and their owner/writers are just found these days and become mega hits.
That brings me back to the idea of making money blogging.
Blogging to make money is a business, aka profession.  When you use your blog to make money you are
no longer just a blogger, you are a business person, maybe even an entrepreneur.  And your blog is not what you sell; it is the vehicle that gets people to buy what you are selling.
Think of it as your storefront.  What are you selling?  You can be selling your services as a writer or speaker or marketing agent or doctor or consultant.  You can be selling a product like a book, webinar or even furniture.  You can also be selling advertising space on your blog. This is when your blog acts more like magazine or newspaper.

How to Make Money Blogging

I’m not going to sugarcoat this; it is very hard to make money blogging.  But it can be done.  Just look at Darren Rowse or Amy Lynn Andrews.  Ok, they both blog about blogging, that is just coincidence.  They are many bloggers that make money with their blogs.
The problem is (and actually as a budding entrepreneur I like to think of this as an advantage) there are so many ways to make money using your blog that volumes and volumes of books couldn’t cover the topic.  So I have gathered some resources for you to read that will help a blogging and making money with it.
Don’t you have a blog?  Thinking of starting a blog?  Explore your options into monetizing your blog.  What thrills you?  Selling ads on your blog?  Writing reviews?  Consulting? Really research what you believe could be a lucrative path to take using your blog as the vehicle.  Find out what you would be good at and start making a name for yourself in that industry.  Be focused and consistent and soon you will bring in an income.
*a number of search results are a direct result
of the amount of people wanting that information.  If nobody was
interested in making money as a blogger, then there would be significantly fewer
pages talking about it.  Why bother writing about something that nobody
will read?


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