The Best Bars to Meet Singles in Melbourne

Dating is tough and finding the right person for yourself is even harder. In today’s day and age, technology is influencing every aspect of our lives and dating isn’t spared. With so many dating apps and fake online personas, meeting an honest person has become virtually impossible. But don’t worry, old-school meet ups are still very much alive and there are still some bars where you can find single guys and girls.
Meet Singles in Melbourne
That is why we have decided to put together a list of the best bars to meet singles in Melbourne for all people that are tired of online dating and want to experience a face-to-face conversation in a real-life environment.


The first bar on our list is a Japanese themed hidden treasure. This bar might be hard to find because you have to ring a bell on an unmarked door. That is probably why it is named Hihou, which means secret treasure in Japanese. It offers a wide range of drinks from regular cocktails to more traditional Japanese drinks like sake, umeshu and Japanese whiskey. Interesting people come to this bar to relax and enjoy low seating and low light Japanese décor. Also, there are windows that go from floor to ceiling, from which you have an amazing view of Treasury Gardens. Hihou is located on 1 Flinders Lane, CBD.

Niew Amsterdam

The next bar on our list is located on Hardware lane, CBD and it is nicely tucked away inside of a basement. It has a dark and moody vibe to it, but still has a lot of class and warmth. Rustic decor and moody lights give off a specific atmosphere. So if this is something that you might enjoy, then you are bound to meet someone that suits you. Places like Niew Amsterdam show why wine and cocktails bars in Melbourne are a perfect place to meet singles. Good atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks attract open and fun people to this bar.

Meet Singles in Melbourne



This bar is ideal to meet a specific type of people. If you are a lover of ‘90s arcade games and nerdy culture, then this is the right place for you. The whole bar is covered in actual ‘90s games and they are still playable. Of course, when it comes to drinks, they offer everything from classic cocktails to craft beers. If you are a big fan of this culture, then you are certainly going to meet someone that is of the same mind. I almost forgot to mention that this bar has a change machine that converts notes to coins. Super handy if you plan on playing some of the arcade games. Bartronica is located on 335 Flinders Lane.

The Alchemist

The last bar on our list is like a trip back in time. The Alchemist is filled with real apothecary items from the past and has baroque couches and satin draperies. It is located in 361 Brunswick Street but it is tucked away nicely, so it might be hard to find. It is an ideal place when you want to try something different. The bartenders are experts in their craft, so you can order any mix of drinks and they will try to make you one; the bar is named Alchemist after all. This bar is a special and interesting place to meet different sorts of people.
Meet Singles in Melbourne
And that brings our list to an end. We hope that you found something that suits your taste on our list and that it will help you meet someone that is just right for you. It takes courage to go out and meet people in real-life and meeting your type of people is even harder. But there is no reason to give up. Just visit places that have the atmosphere and mood that suits you and there will be your type of a guy or girl waiting for you.



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