Jobs That Make Man Perfect


Concise Introduction

Job acts as a source of income for most men in India, and whether that job is under public or private sector, it serves as a sole source of earning money. Most of the men in India are bread earners in their family so most of them acquire the opportunity provided by the government and private sector.

A job brings responsibility in men, and it makes perfect in all senses as it levies tremendous responsibility in their shoulder. A man reaches the optimum perfection level when he successfully handles all the responsibility smoothly in his job and home.

Today’s Job Scenario for Guys

Job scenario for guys is blooming as various companies are providing opportunities where only guys can work, and this trend is prevalent mostly core jobs like steel plants, coal mines, oil refineries, marketing jobs, etc.

However, there is huge competition among men for a different position in a company whereas many women are opting for higher degree educations. Nowadays companies are looking for well skilled and educated candidates shifting from the old clichéd demand of blue collared workers.

According to reports, the hiring activity in India is increasing by a good margin as India is gradually is looking to acquire the third position in Asia’s largest economy. An opportunity for public sector firms is also increasing as every year the number of vacancies is also increasing gradually.

The telecommunication and healthcare industries have shown a good result for guys as they are hiring a lot of men for different positions. This same trend is also seen in auto manufacturing industries as the demand for skill men in that sector is high.

Various Jobs in Government and Private Sector

The number of jobs in private and government sector is huge, and every company needs different types of an employee for a different role. There is a varied type of similar job roles for employees in both private sector and government sector, but there is a difference in salary, working environment, pressure, allowances etc.

Government Jobs – Government of India provides various job opportunities by conducting job exams for different position in Government offices and public sector companies. The eligibility criteria are different for a different post, however, minimum criteria 8th pass for low-level position while bachelor degree is must for the well-reputed position. Every government jobs come with good salary package along with pension scheme, allowance, housing and various another perk.

Private Sector Jobs – The number of companies in private sector is immense, and this number is growing rapidly in India. Various private companies provide a different type of job position like a Net architect, programmer, analyst, accounts head, Projector manager, team lead, software developer, etc.

Most of the designations in private companies are associated with handsome salary package along with different type of perks like lunch allowance, pick and drop service, mobile bill, traveling allowances, etc.

Why Attraction of Government Jobs?

Nowadays, there is a student who prefers private jobs, but still, there is huge towards government jobs. Many students prefer government jobs mainly due to the perks associated with that job, and these perks serve as the main reason behind its attraction. These perks are:

  • The employees get salary on time in any circumstances.
  • Pension scheme for the employees till death.
  • The workload and work pressure associated with government jobs are less, and they get a lot of recreational time.
  • They enjoy a lot of allowances and facilities like housing, traveling allowances, dearness allowances, concession, etc.
  • Government employees enjoy free health care.
  • Hundred percent job securities.
  • Employees enjoy a lot of holidays in a year along with office leaves.

So these are crucial reasons that should compel a student to be in touch with latest jobs in government sector.

Pros and Cons of Government Jobs


  • The jobs are stable with hundred percent job securities.
  • The work timing is flexible with less chance of extra hours.
  • Huge amount benefits and allowances.
  • Lifetime pension for employees.
  • A lot of holidays and manager easily approves vacation leaves.


  • The growth rate is slow, and only a few top performers get the growth.
  • The salary packages are not huge when compared to the same position in private sector.
  • The existence of lazy co-workers.
  • Low management level.

Pros and Cons of Private Sector Jobs


  • Ample of opportunity to grow and gain knowledge.
  • The performance of employees is noticed and performance based promotion.
  • No reservation.
  • Huge salary packages.


  • Less number of perks.
  • Chances of getting a holiday are very less.
  • Tremendous work pressure.
  • No pension scheme.

Designation in Private and Govt Jobs that Makes Mans Standard

Job designation like security officer, pediatrician, health nurse, police constable, marketing executive some name of designation in private and government jobs that makes man slandered.

There many types of jobs in both the sector that makes man slandered although those jobs offer proper salary package. So aspirants should always be in touch with latest jobs in both the sector.


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