An introduction to the Online Dating World

An introduction to the Online Dating World

Face it, we are men. We try to meet women using whatever means necessary. Mobile phones have given us the power to find and talk to women whenever and wherever we want. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Then why does it seems that we cannot get a single connection?

This has more to do with how we go about it rather than if we are able to do it.

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

If you’re not looking for a relationship stop looking for sexual partners on dating sites. My lady friends (some who are professional sexting girls) tell me women hate that. They are looking for dates, not one night stands.

The women who do engage in this type of chat are being paid to do so. Who knew? We are men, we want everything for free and we don’t care. A flying mobile iPhone to the head set me straight on that one.

The Ugly Truth about Online Dating

f you want to have a random connection you may have to use a sexting application like Arousr, SnapChat or Kik instead of an online dating website like Plenty of Fish.
But buyer beware, you cannot jump into this cesspool without a life jacket. Especially when you send an unwanted image of your junk. Another so called “jerk moment.” Trust me on that one!

What You Need to Know about Adult Chat

Paid for sites are different than imitation ones that advertise everything is free. There is no such thing as free, repeat after me, there is no such thing as free. You will end up paying for something. Whether it is a membership, host tips or texting rates.

My philosophy is if you must pay, pay for quality. Go with sites that give you what you want. A real person and not a bot to chat with. Yes, my friends most often you are chatting with a bot. How to know the difference? Ask something so random that only a human can answer like, “Where is Waldo?”

There is a certain level of conduct that one must possess before engaging with professionals. They know every trick in the book and they know when you are trying to scam them.

Be confident, be courteous and you will be highly rewarded.

Use Your Imagination

This type of encounter is not the same as being in physical contact. It requires you to rely on your own fantasies to carry you through. A very imaginative story teller and a whole lot of roleplaying won’t hurt. You are stimulating your brain where your erogenous zone is actually located. So this can be one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. Of course, you will have to decide that for yourself.

As nasty as some of the calls can get, there is a limit to what you can discuss. It is important you are aware of these boundaries beforehand. Most often any conversation that does not involve mutual consent will end.

Safety and Confidentiality are paramount

This type of connection involves coming out of your shell and you must trust the other person. Not always easy when you are talking to a stranger. But, you should realize the website makes money only when its clients feel safe and secure.

Ok so not all men are only looking for sex.  For those of you who are actually looking for a full time committed relationship then you should try online dating sites but if you do so make sure to be honest. Do not create profiles that you cannot live up to. If you do, you will spend the entire dating process worrying about it. Be yourself and she will appreciate you.


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