The Most Trending Navigation Patterns For The Year 2017

The Most Trending Navigation Patterns For The Year 2017
The Most Trending Navigation Patterns For The Year 2017

Navigation is one of the most important elements in web designing. The structure and design influence the success of a website. The main purpose of navigation is to provide the user to browse the website and find the information with ease. The effectiveness of your navigation ultimately depends on your website’s goal. The efficiency can be measured with the visitors spending time on your website.

  • Fixed scrolling Navigation Bars

Navigation is made to make the browsing easy and help the user locate the information they’re looking for. By keeping the navigation menu in a fixed place allows the user to navigate on the site from any page. These fixed navigation bars are known for providing the user-friendly experience.

Simplifying and reducing the items on the page is an important prospect of improving the user experience. It’s necessary for every great website to guide its users through the website with limited choice. Besides, these fixed bars offer a great experience when using a mobile device to visit a website.

  • Mega Menus

Mega menus can make a huge difference when you are navigating through a large website. Mega menus are used on large or magazine style blogs and websites, mega menus offer more options and links to the users than just normal drop-down menus. It’s advisable for designers to be careful when adding mega menus because it allows the user to dip deeper into the website. The menus provide more content on your blog or website so that you can skim through a related section of the website.

  • Vertical sliding Navigation

Vertical sliding navigation works well but very few websites follow this trend. The new trend presents the users with a new perspective to think about your website. It’s a way to break the ‘standard style’ of navigation. Vertical navigation can be fun and interesting. This trend can be used as an experimental approach to navigation design and is mostly used on creative-oriented, digital agency and portfolio websites.

  • Button-free navigation

Button-free navigation is very subtle and pleasing to the eyes, using simple text as buttons are a new style. An easy navigation style is a single line of nicely spaced text across the page and easy to use navigation style. In order to make the navigation easy, make sure to plenty of space so that the readability and clicking get easy and the style gets simpler and user-friendly.

  • Slide out Menus

Slide out navigation used to be popular for mobile for some time. It offers the main content of the website to be displayed first on a mobile phone instead of giving the user a view at only the navigation on the first impression. This trend works on all devices responsively, it even provides a fun experience to the desktop users.

  • Conclusion

The good thing is that there are so many more options to handle the navigation pattern. The trend will keep on coming and as long as you stick to the right navigation pattern you will ensure that the visitors on your website will be able to use the website frequently making the user experience friendly and live up to user expectations.

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