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5 Style Lessons Every Groomsman Needs to Know

5 Style Lessons Every Groomsman Needs to Know
5 Style Lessons Every Groomsman Needs to Know


We are the suits we wear. The only question is whether you own it or not.

No, this is not about literal ownership. In practical terms, you might have bought the suit. In fact, you might have given a fat buck for it, but it still doesn’t mean that you own it. The suit, as it is, might not represent who you are. It has to be the natural extension of you. If it’s not, it’s nowhere more evident than on a wedding day.

In order to look truly confident as a groomsman, here are 5 style lessons you need to learn first.


Be yourself

It sounds cheap, doesn’t it? It’s one of those placeholder phrases people use to say something when they have nothing to say. Well, in this context, it is the most crucial aspect of your style. You can’t choose a suit before knowing what makes you feel comfortable.

Let’s use a simple example – you either generally opt to wear simple clothes, monochromatic and light, or you like to channel your inner peacock and dress up in vogue to catch the eye of everyone in the room. This should, of course, be reflected in your choice of the men’s wedding suits.

All in all, your first planning steps would be starting to prep yourself as early as possible and learning the types of fabrics for your suit.

Practice makes it perfect

As we’ve mentioned, you have to start preparing early. Buying the right suit will leave you with enough time to practice wearing it. This is a crucial stage in “acquiring your style” because you have to feel comfortable in the new suit. It has to look like you own it with absolute conviction.

Try to walk around a private room in the suit, at least three times for several hours. It’s crucial to have a mirror in the room, watch your own movement and test out sitting in it.

There’s a lot that can be communicated through movement, so try to modify it to look natural in the suit. After all, mannerism tells a lot about your personality.

Choose the right type

Here’s your “to be or not to be” moment. Once you choose the type of suit, you have to be sure it’s the right fit in every sense. If you follow the two lessons above, you’ll probably be fairly certain by this point, but let’s talk about it concretely.

Before you even start thinking about the speech and the stag party, you have to choose one out of countless variants of groomsman suits.

Tuxedo is a classic, but it’s not merely a gimmick – if you don’t feel comfortable in formal wear, skip it. A three-piece is a good middle ground, it’s a flexible type of a suit so it’s easy to blend it in with the general aesthetic of the wedding and convince the other guys to follow suit. Just remember never to wear a tie with a short-sleeve shirt!

Your constitution will make some of the decisions for you

Now, we can go on and talk about how weed will make you sweat if the wedding is in the summer, and how blue compliments every complexion, but the truth is – color and material might be chosen for you by another factor. Your constitution.

Heavier fabrics will look good on the tall and skinny, light colors will make you appear bulky, muscular men should be fitted with lightweight fabrics and dark colors, and vertical stripes will complement both short and stout.

Decide on the dress code

Every man of style takes initiative. Therefore, if you have chosen the perfect suit for yourself, communicate this to the rest of the wedding invitees, and do this as early as possible. Maybe your choice is exactly what clicks with everyone else.

In a way, you need the suit to reflect your own character, however, you don’t want to stand out from the crowd in a jarring manner. It’s a hallmark of bad taste.


Following these lessons can appear as a daunting task – there are a lot of small details you’ll come across as the preparations unfold. The most important lesson, in the end, is to make yourself feel as comfortable as you can. This is the only way you’ll be yourself and, therefore, ooze confidence as you stand beside your friend on his happiest day.

An introduction to the Online Dating World

An introduction to the Online Dating World

Face it, we are men. We try to meet women using whatever means necessary. Mobile phones have given us the power to find and talk to women whenever and wherever we want. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Then why does it seems that we cannot get a single connection?

This has more to do with how we go about it rather than if we are able to do it.

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

If you’re not looking for a relationship stop looking for sexual partners on dating sites. My lady friends (some who are professional sexting girls) tell me women hate that. They are looking for dates, not one night stands.

The women who do engage in this type of chat are being paid to do so. Who knew? We are men, we want everything for free and we don’t care. A flying mobile iPhone to the head set me straight on that one.

The Ugly Truth about Online Dating

f you want to have a random connection you may have to use a sexting application like Arousr, SnapChat or Kik instead of an online dating website like Plenty of Fish.
But buyer beware, you cannot jump into this cesspool without a life jacket. Especially when you send an unwanted image of your junk. Another so called “jerk moment.” Trust me on that one!

What You Need to Know about Adult Chat

Paid for sites are different than imitation ones that advertise everything is free. There is no such thing as free, repeat after me, there is no such thing as free. You will end up paying for something. Whether it is a membership, host tips or texting rates.

My philosophy is if you must pay, pay for quality. Go with sites that give you what you want. A real person and not a bot to chat with. Yes, my friends most often you are chatting with a bot. How to know the difference? Ask something so random that only a human can answer like, “Where is Waldo?”

There is a certain level of conduct that one must possess before engaging with professionals. They know every trick in the book and they know when you are trying to scam them.

Be confident, be courteous and you will be highly rewarded.

Use Your Imagination

This type of encounter is not the same as being in physical contact. It requires you to rely on your own fantasies to carry you through. A very imaginative story teller and a whole lot of roleplaying won’t hurt. You are stimulating your brain where your erogenous zone is actually located. So this can be one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. Of course, you will have to decide that for yourself.

As nasty as some of the calls can get, there is a limit to what you can discuss. It is important you are aware of these boundaries beforehand. Most often any conversation that does not involve mutual consent will end.

Safety and Confidentiality are paramount

This type of connection involves coming out of your shell and you must trust the other person. Not always easy when you are talking to a stranger. But, you should realize the website makes money only when its clients feel safe and secure.

Ok so not all men are only looking for sex.  For those of you who are actually looking for a full time committed relationship then you should try online dating sites but if you do so make sure to be honest. Do not create profiles that you cannot live up to. If you do, you will spend the entire dating process worrying about it. Be yourself and she will appreciate you.

Things To Consider When Buying A Trimmer


Buying a trimmer might seem an ordinary task, but if you put some thought before buying them, then there is much consideration you should take before adding them to your shopping cart. When you buy a trimmer, you will always want to for a high-quality product that won’t die down after several uses, so it is better to consider some aspect before jumping into some conclusion. Whether you shop from online e-commerce store or local shop, you will come across a variety of trimmer with the almost same type of feature but the different price tag.

A person uses a trimmer to shape up their stubble as it is not possible for everyone to feel comfortable with long beards or a clean shave. Trimmer helps you to retain a certain amount of whiskers which helps you to achieve an amazing look, and it won’t be possible if you opt for normal shavers or scissors.

Trimmers are highly reliable, and chances of getting cut while trimming your beard are minimal. However many people fear and fumble while using trimmer but they forget the fact that trimmers are perfectly safe because they are designed in such a way that the blade doesn’t pierce your skin.

Things to Consider When Buying A Trimmer

The following list will depict some crucial consideration which you should consider when you are planning to buy a trimmer from an online store or local shop:

  • The length of the blade

The length of the blade is the most crucial factor you should consider while you choose a trimmer for your beard. When you plan to buy a trimmer, you will find various type of trimmer suitable for different beard hedges, and you should consider the length of the blade depending upon your hedge.

If you broad and long beards then opting for a trimmer with a long blade because it can easily chop down the necessary beads from your face. However, if you opt for the small blade, it would be tough to cut beards with thick hedges, and it would be suitable for the small area.

  • Check the weight

When you buy a trimmer, you should inquire or check the weight of the trimmer because it is hard to trim your beards with heavy trimmers and there are chances to have uneven cut. Many people try to avoid manual trimmers because they are quite heavy and it becomes hectic while trimming thick beard as it needs a good amount of force.

So less is the weight of the trimmer, less is the effort and more easy to chop down the necessary amount of beards. However, there are people who always opt for heavy electric trimmers due to their manly beards.

  • The brand

A brand factor always comes in the middle when someone is planning to buy a trimmer, and it is an essential factor because everyone wants to buy a product from highly acclaimed brands. Different brands provide a different type of quality, and it would be smart to purchase a product from reputed brands because you can stay assured that you will get the proper quality product.

Although there are many new brands that are coming up in the market and providing high-quality trimmers to its buyers. So it would be a smart move to try trimmers from new companies providing quality products in the market.


  • COST


The most important thing which everyone must consider before buying a trimmer is the price of the trimmer, mostly when you are on a tight budget.


The best way to save money while purchasing trimmers is to buy it online instead of buying it from a physical store as online stores sells them a lot cheaper comparatively.


Another way to save money is by comparing the prices on various online shops and purchasing it from the store which is selling at the lowest price. But this can sometimes be time-consuming, So the easiest way through which you can save extra money without wasting any time is by using coupon codes from a coupon site.

  • Tally between rechargeable and battery operated

You should tally between rechargeable and battery operated trimmers because both they have various drawbacks. Most of the people prefer trimmers with rechargeable features because it is quite easy to charge them whenever they want, but the only drawback is that you won’t be able to charge them during a power cut.

However, battery operated work same as rechargeable ones, and it is suitable for people who always to travel to places where is a lack of electricity. The only thing they need to do is to carry some extra battery with them.

  • List of features

List of features is another factor that you should consider when you are searching for a trimmer for yourself. Many trimmers provide a different type of features, and you should choose a trimmer that suits your style. It is always recommended to opt for trimmers that are padded with an array of setting which gives freedom to the user to use according to their need.

You should also go through the reviews of trimmer you are planning to buy because you will be able to know whether they are value for money.


Jobs That Make Man Perfect


Concise Introduction

Job acts as a source of income for most men in India, and whether that job is under public or private sector, it serves as a sole source of earning money. Most of the men in India are bread earners in their family so most of them acquire the opportunity provided by the government and private sector.

A job brings responsibility in men, and it makes perfect in all senses as it levies tremendous responsibility in their shoulder. A man reaches the optimum perfection level when he successfully handles all the responsibility smoothly in his job and home.

Today’s Job Scenario for Guys

Job scenario for guys is blooming as various companies are providing opportunities where only guys can work, and this trend is prevalent mostly core jobs like steel plants, coal mines, oil refineries, marketing jobs, etc.

However, there is huge competition among men for a different position in a company whereas many women are opting for higher degree educations. Nowadays companies are looking for well skilled and educated candidates shifting from the old clichéd demand of blue collared workers.

According to reports, the hiring activity in India is increasing by a good margin as India is gradually is looking to acquire the third position in Asia’s largest economy. An opportunity for public sector firms is also increasing as every year the number of vacancies is also increasing gradually.

The telecommunication and healthcare industries have shown a good result for guys as they are hiring a lot of men for different positions. This same trend is also seen in auto manufacturing industries as the demand for skill men in that sector is high.

Various Jobs in Government and Private Sector

The number of jobs in private and government sector is huge, and every company needs different types of an employee for a different role. There is a varied type of similar job roles for employees in both private sector and government sector, but there is a difference in salary, working environment, pressure, allowances etc.

Government Jobs – Government of India provides various job opportunities by conducting job exams for different position in Government offices and public sector companies. The eligibility criteria are different for a different post, however, minimum criteria 8th pass for low-level position while bachelor degree is must for the well-reputed position. Every government jobs come with good salary package along with pension scheme, allowance, housing and various another perk.

Private Sector Jobs – The number of companies in private sector is immense, and this number is growing rapidly in India. Various private companies provide a different type of job position like a Net architect, programmer, analyst, accounts head, Projector manager, team lead, software developer, etc.

Most of the designations in private companies are associated with handsome salary package along with different type of perks like lunch allowance, pick and drop service, mobile bill, traveling allowances, etc.

Why Attraction of Government Jobs?

Nowadays, there is a student who prefers private jobs, but still, there is huge towards government jobs. Many students prefer government jobs mainly due to the perks associated with that job, and these perks serve as the main reason behind its attraction. These perks are:

  • The employees get salary on time in any circumstances.
  • Pension scheme for the employees till death.
  • The workload and work pressure associated with government jobs are less, and they get a lot of recreational time.
  • They enjoy a lot of allowances and facilities like housing, traveling allowances, dearness allowances, concession, etc.
  • Government employees enjoy free health care.
  • Hundred percent job securities.
  • Employees enjoy a lot of holidays in a year along with office leaves.

So these are crucial reasons that should compel a student to be in touch with latest jobs in government sector.

Pros and Cons of Government Jobs


  • The jobs are stable with hundred percent job securities.
  • The work timing is flexible with less chance of extra hours.
  • Huge amount benefits and allowances.
  • Lifetime pension for employees.
  • A lot of holidays and manager easily approves vacation leaves.


  • The growth rate is slow, and only a few top performers get the growth.
  • The salary packages are not huge when compared to the same position in private sector.
  • The existence of lazy co-workers.
  • Low management level.

Pros and Cons of Private Sector Jobs


  • Ample of opportunity to grow and gain knowledge.
  • The performance of employees is noticed and performance based promotion.
  • No reservation.
  • Huge salary packages.


  • Less number of perks.
  • Chances of getting a holiday are very less.
  • Tremendous work pressure.
  • No pension scheme.

Designation in Private and Govt Jobs that Makes Mans Standard

Job designation like security officer, pediatrician, health nurse, police constable, marketing executive some name of designation in private and government jobs that makes man slandered.

There many types of jobs in both the sector that makes man slandered although those jobs offer proper salary package. So aspirants should always be in touch with latest jobs in both the sector.