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7 Things You Must Know before Getting Into Long-term Relationships


Being love-struck and finding completeness with each other made couples think about long-term relationships. Love is magical and no one can ever deny that. Weaving the dreams of spending future together looks beautiful and one cannot wait to seal the deal. But before giving your heart and soul to the relationship, you must question yourself that ‘are you ready for making him/her the only one of your life?’ Commitment is huge and before promising a long-term relationship, consider these 7 things:

7 Things You Must Know before Getting Into Long-term Relationships

7. Block Your Ex Forever From Everywhere:

Make sure you have erased all the feelings for your ex. Keep your past away from your present. Delete the number, texts, and memories of your ex and start to build a beautiful present and future with the love of your life. Do not worsen the relation by bringing up your ex in between conversations if you truly want a long-term relationship with your present mate. Start fresh and create new memories that do not include your ex but only you and your true love.


6. Honesty Makes It Strong:
Ever lied to him or her? Well, confess it. He/she is your confidant, your best friend and so, make your relationship a transparent one. Trust is the base of every relationship and once you have gained that trust, no one can drift these two beautiful souls apart. Let this long-term relationship be an example for all.


5. It Is All About Sharing Little Things:

It is not about sharing only the important things of life but also the minor ones. From ‘how you stopped yourself from getting into a fight with your boss’ to ‘the lovely taste of the biryani you had during dinner’, these little things count a lot in a long-term relationship. Sharing each and every bit of your life makes him/her realize the importance of them in your life thus it automatically strengthens the relationship.


4. Priorities Matter:

Often out with friends? Well, long-term relationship demands priority. Friends and self-satisfaction are equally important but once when you are thinking about making the bond strong, you have to give him/her more priority. Go for shopping, have frequent house dates and place your mate above all. You have to be available for your companion most of the times without giving any second thought.


3. Fights Or Arguments Do not Mean Break-Up:

You just cannot end your relationship for some minor fights. Long-term relationships are all about being together even after major fights. This is not a high school love game anymore. Break-ups after some silly tiff are only acceptable in non-serious relationships. Sorting the differences out and moving ahead is the beauty of these long-term relationships.


2. Give The Required Space:

Just like priorities matter, giving space to each other is also necessary. Being in a serious and dedicated relationship does not mean that he/she will not have a personal space. Allow your partners to have time with friends or family and she/he must voice their own opinion. After all, it is two different souls who are promising to be the company of
each other until the end.
 1. You Must Give It All To Make It ‘Beautiful and Forever Strong’:
Some compromises and more of love, you must give your best efforts to make your relationship a truly admiring one. Make each other feel special and make every moment count. A long-term relationship makes you value your existence and you get a new meaning to living to the fullest.
The ‘forever bond’ demands everything from both sides to make it work.
 7 Things You Must Know before Getting Into Long-term Relationships
 An ‘on and off relationship’ is quite common in this modern era but does not that look childish? Before making the ultimate step of a long-term relationship, consider these facts so that you have no chance to repent on your decision. Move on to grow and build an empire full of love.


Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation

The relationship between your clients and you is one of the most important aspects of conducting a successful business, and, like any other relationship, it requires attention and appreciation. Since the holiday season is coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your customers that you care about them by giving them thoughtfully prepared gifts. The gifts that you choose don’t have to be the most expensive ones, but kind, personalized and surprising. Here are some ideas for business clients’ gifts to get you started.
Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation


Personally Written Notes

If you know your clients well enough, why not write them a Christmas letter? It’s a simple gift, but as personal as it can get, and you can really show your appreciation. All you will need are nice pieces of paper, a fountain pen, envelopes and ribbons for decoration.  You can even make your own envelope by simply following several steps of a DIY project. However, preparing personal letters for each client can be time-consuming, so make sure to start on time.

Bonsai Trees

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers that will wither in a week, you can go for something different and unusual. A bonsai tree is a much better choice than a cactus if you decide to bring the nature into your clients’ lives. They can have their own little trees on their desks to remind them of you every time they water them. In addition, you can opt for interesting and creative posts that will be a beautiful decoration along with bonsai trees.

Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation


Baskets of Coffee and Tea

People can be divided into two groups – those who like coffee and those who like tea. Preparing gift baskets containing different flavors of coffee and tea will please any beverage aficionado, especially during the winter months that are approaching fast. Your clients can enjoy a cup of their favorite hot beverage sitting wrapped in a blanket. You can include a box of chocolate chip cookies or a Christmas note to go with the baskets.

Personalized Decanters for Wine or Whisky

The holiday season is also the season of festivity and most of us like celebrating it with a glass of our favorite liquor. Giving your clients personalized whiskey or wine decanters will impress them and, once again, the personalisation of the gift will show you care about them. This gift might be a bit more expensive, but you might get a discount depending on the size of your order. However, you won’t regret spending a dime, since your clients will be grateful which will improve your business relationship.

Baskets of Sweets

You can surprise your customers and their families by giving them a basket of sweet treats. If you include personalized Christmas chocolates of different tastes in the baskets, all those who have a sweet tooth will be delighted. There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious treat after having a Christmas dinner with your friends and family. Even those who are on a diet won’t be able to resist trying one of these chocolate delicacies.

Business Clients Gift Ideas That Show Appreciation


Wall Calendars

Although we all have calendars on our phones and computers, buying wall calendars for your clients can be both practical and thoughtful. You can design a unique calendar for each of your customers by including personalized notes for their birthdays (you probably have that information included in their personal data). They can keep calendars in their homes, or offices, and use them as reminders for important dates. Such calendars will remind them of you and they’ll appreciate the fact that you know when their birthdays are.
Don’t wait any longer, get down to business and prepare thoughtfully, personalized gifts for you customers. However, whatever you decide to give them will be a demonstration of appreciation, it will strengthen your business relationship and contribute to further successful collaboration.


Make Money Blogging – Exploring Monetary Avenues for Your Blog

Every blogger has heard it. “Make Money Blogging”
The simple search for this phrase on Google brings up 94,600,000* results.  That means there are over 94 million pages talking about how to make money blogging.  That is a lot. Let me put this in perspective.
Make Money Blogging
 Blogging has Become a Profession Sites like Mashable and Perez Hilton use blogging (adding written content
to a blog) to make lots of money each year.  Bloggers are now taken serious on mainstream media like TV, magazines, and radio.  Bloggers are not considered just wanna be writers anymore.  Or worse, scam artists.
Blogging has become a legitimate profession.
Since it is considered a profession, I wanted to compare blogging to other professions.  What do you do when you want to “be” something?  You research how to become that profession, right?
So I looked up “become a blogger“.  I got 520,000,000 results!!!  Yes, there are that many 0′s! That number is more than 1/2 billion!
I wondered then if I did the same type search for other popular professions would I get the same type of results.
Become a doctor” 428,000,000. Wow!  People still want to be doctors.
Become an engineer” 235,000,000 that is less than 1/2 of the results we get with becoming a blogger.
Become a dentist” 23,000,000
Become a nurse” 77,300,000
Become a real estate agent” 54,000,000
Become a computer systems engineer” 20,500,00. This
one shocked me the most. This is one of the most pursued careers around and the results are so small.  Maybe people already know how to achieve this goal. I could go on but I believe you get the idea.  Becoming
a blogger has become one of the most pursued professions around
There is so much information out there about how to become a blogger, one’s head could surely spin trying to figure out how it is done. Yet I believe it is pursued so heavily not because it is a prestigious, lucrative or glamorous profession but because people have been convinced it is an easy way to make money.

Blogging Is Not an Easy Way to Make Money

Blogging has a very low overhead, yes.  And it is extremely easy to break into.  But that is where most dreams stop.  People believe that if you build a blog, even an awesome one, that people will just come.  If you are
an awesome dentist will people just come to your office? No, a dentist needs to be great at his job, get the word to spread that he is great AND needs to advertise and market.
Bloggers, you need to do the same.  Be great at what you do, that means write amazing stuff.  Get people to spread the word, that means get out there and find people to read your blog and spread the word.  And you need to
advertise that you even exist, this can be done using SEO, social media, and advertising, just to name the most popular.
It is a very rare occasion that blogs and their owner/writers are just found these days and become mega hits.
That brings me back to the idea of making money blogging.
Blogging to make money is a business, aka profession.  When you use your blog to make money you are
no longer just a blogger, you are a business person, maybe even an entrepreneur.  And your blog is not what you sell; it is the vehicle that gets people to buy what you are selling.
Think of it as your storefront.  What are you selling?  You can be selling your services as a writer or speaker or marketing agent or doctor or consultant.  You can be selling a product like a book, webinar or even furniture.  You can also be selling advertising space on your blog. This is when your blog acts more like magazine or newspaper.

How to Make Money Blogging

I’m not going to sugarcoat this; it is very hard to make money blogging.  But it can be done.  Just look at Darren Rowse or Amy Lynn Andrews.  Ok, they both blog about blogging, that is just coincidence.  They are many bloggers that make money with their blogs.
The problem is (and actually as a budding entrepreneur I like to think of this as an advantage) there are so many ways to make money using your blog that volumes and volumes of books couldn’t cover the topic.  So I have gathered some resources for you to read that will help a blogging and making money with it.
Don’t you have a blog?  Thinking of starting a blog?  Explore your options into monetizing your blog.  What thrills you?  Selling ads on your blog?  Writing reviews?  Consulting? Really research what you believe could be a lucrative path to take using your blog as the vehicle.  Find out what you would be good at and start making a name for yourself in that industry.  Be focused and consistent and soon you will bring in an income.
*a number of search results are a direct result
of the amount of people wanting that information.  If nobody was
interested in making money as a blogger, then there would be significantly fewer
pages talking about it.  Why bother writing about something that nobody
will read?

The Best Bars to Meet Singles in Melbourne

Dating is tough and finding the right person for yourself is even harder. In today’s day and age, technology is influencing every aspect of our lives and dating isn’t spared. With so many dating apps and fake online personas, meeting an honest person has become virtually impossible. But don’t worry, old-school meet ups are still very much alive and there are still some bars where you can find single guys and girls.
Meet Singles in Melbourne
That is why we have decided to put together a list of the best bars to meet singles in Melbourne for all people that are tired of online dating and want to experience a face-to-face conversation in a real-life environment.


The first bar on our list is a Japanese themed hidden treasure. This bar might be hard to find because you have to ring a bell on an unmarked door. That is probably why it is named Hihou, which means secret treasure in Japanese. It offers a wide range of drinks from regular cocktails to more traditional Japanese drinks like sake, umeshu and Japanese whiskey. Interesting people come to this bar to relax and enjoy low seating and low light Japanese décor. Also, there are windows that go from floor to ceiling, from which you have an amazing view of Treasury Gardens. Hihou is located on 1 Flinders Lane, CBD.

Niew Amsterdam

The next bar on our list is located on Hardware lane, CBD and it is nicely tucked away inside of a basement. It has a dark and moody vibe to it, but still has a lot of class and warmth. Rustic decor and moody lights give off a specific atmosphere. So if this is something that you might enjoy, then you are bound to meet someone that suits you. Places like Niew Amsterdam show why wine and cocktails bars in Melbourne are a perfect place to meet singles. Good atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks attract open and fun people to this bar.

Meet Singles in Melbourne



This bar is ideal to meet a specific type of people. If you are a lover of ‘90s arcade games and nerdy culture, then this is the right place for you. The whole bar is covered in actual ‘90s games and they are still playable. Of course, when it comes to drinks, they offer everything from classic cocktails to craft beers. If you are a big fan of this culture, then you are certainly going to meet someone that is of the same mind. I almost forgot to mention that this bar has a change machine that converts notes to coins. Super handy if you plan on playing some of the arcade games. Bartronica is located on 335 Flinders Lane.

The Alchemist

The last bar on our list is like a trip back in time. The Alchemist is filled with real apothecary items from the past and has baroque couches and satin draperies. It is located in 361 Brunswick Street but it is tucked away nicely, so it might be hard to find. It is an ideal place when you want to try something different. The bartenders are experts in their craft, so you can order any mix of drinks and they will try to make you one; the bar is named Alchemist after all. This bar is a special and interesting place to meet different sorts of people.
Meet Singles in Melbourne
And that brings our list to an end. We hope that you found something that suits your taste on our list and that it will help you meet someone that is just right for you. It takes courage to go out and meet people in real-life and meeting your type of people is even harder. But there is no reason to give up. Just visit places that have the atmosphere and mood that suits you and there will be your type of a guy or girl waiting for you.